Monday, December 19, 2011

Shoes Optional, Ringworm Not

Everything of substance in Malawi was either well used, exhausted, worn, or dusty. Red dust was everywhere- air, water, ground, and coating every surface imaginable. One of the most horrifying/humbling experiances I ever had- and this one isn't a story I like to tell- was when a malnorished 9 year old (9? 12?) carefully knelt down and whiped the red dust off of my pleathure, snug black tennis shoes. I felt awful. 'Never, ever, letting a thing happen like that again.


  1. These are really some amazing pictures. You've done more already than most people do in a lifetime.

  2. Gina! You weren't supposed to find this! :D It's a secret! x) <333 Shh!)

    I'm very, very lucky I have the people and resources I do. There's really nothing more terrifying than the idea that what I already know is all there is.

    Thanks though Gina. You have no idea what it means to hear you say that.


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