Sunday, April 21, 2013

5" Long Moth

Actually had bird-like markings. See how the eye looks like it has a pupil? All part of the design. Pretty damn cool. And I must say, it made the work a lot easier for my poor macro.

Lynx Exibit

Small child (Above) wouldn't leave. I was absolutely FORCED to take her picture. I had no choice. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

More Foodlets

Don't kid yourself, I didn't cook these! ;)

Dirty Work

Who would have thought a camera was the answer to a crippling fear of bee stings? Most quite definitely worth it - they're cool little guys. 

Never posted?!

'Just realized I never posted these - blasphemy! For the topper here I got a nice, fat, blue ribbon at the Oregon Lane County Fair. :) Lauren's so damn stunning! I love working with models! Dx 

Annnnnnd here she is again, 'cause she's so cute. :D 


Tadaaaaa! I've returned from the dead, lazarus style! :) I've been taking pictures all this while, fear not!