Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Future Photo Obligations


Represents mild irony in vegetarians denying meat, but throwing themselves full force at pesticides?/plants?

2.) Arm covered in shells/mirror fragments
3.) Wax play

4.) Freckle shoot/lashes

5.) Woman posing w/ Mannequin?

6.) Super pale boy/Girl? Rice powder?

7.) Masquerade masks? Mask sex? Mask nudes? Lonely masked man with briefcase in a  crowd?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Your Support, It Makes Me Smile

     Imagine my surprise after returning from a ten day photography camp to find- 2,000 views! Criminy, I hope I never get used to this feeling! 2,000 of my thanks to you guys!

      So, as promised, you lovely ladies and gents will get your controversy and your iffy alarming photo shoot. (Way to thrill me, by the way. I wasn't expecting that poll to get a lick!) However, I wasn't expecting your outcome whatsoever. So yes, you'll get your crazy photos, but I already launched myself into a portrait shoot. (Two, actually.) And sooooo, guess who gets to see model shots and weird ones?
      That's coming up next, be assured. (As soon as my internet decides to man up, anyway.)

In the mean time however, I've taken up a project; (Look! A feature!)

I'd appreciate every ounce of support you folk have got. No registration required- just click the heart above my picture. Thanks guys! :)